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The number of non-executive assignments we are completing is forever increasing.

Traditionally the reserve of larger organisations,many small to medium size companies are now also looking to bring the level of expertise to their team that is not necessarily required on a full-time basis. These non-executive appointments are engineered to deliver the right level of expertise and competence required to enhance a business or a particular area of the business at a specific time, with pinpoint accuracy.

Clients call upon us to find highly competent professionals, with a proven track record and often highly regarded by their peers, to fill a specific function in order for the business and its executive team to meet the business objectives.

In addition to Non-Executive assignments, we have also introduced and placed a number of consultants and advisors on short and long term contracts.

The following examples illustrate some of the board appointments successfully completed:

  • Non-Executive Chairman / TGI UK
  • Non-Executive Chairman / Village East
  • Non-Executive Finance Director / All Star Lane
  • Non-Executive Director / Levant
  • Non-Executive Directors / Union Market
  • Permanent Food Consultant / Union Market
  • Interim Project Director / Hakkasan Limited
  • Interim General Manager / Sketch