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We are constantly searching for talent who will exceed our client’s expectations

The team at Eureka Search and Selection have not only placed a great number of top professionals in the hospitality and retail industries since 1998. It has also developed great careers over many years allowing individuals to surpass expectations, shape board strategies and contribute to the companies’ long term views and ambitions. As Eureka’s strategy relies on supporting the best companies, we are in a position to give you access to these quality employers who are “going places”.

Our assignments generally stem from our network of clients whom we have a long-standing relationship with, they are at the forefront of their industries and are well known within the market. The executive placements are highly sought after and we take great pride and careful consideration when taking on an assignment. The alignment, of the candidate’s aspirations with the client’s vision is of paramount importance.

From Hong Kong to Moscow, Dubai to New York, or London to Manchester; our reach is both global and local, and from a CEO to an HR Director, to a Hotel Manager to fast casual unit GM or Operations Director, the array of placements completed since 1998 is vast.

Our product is our service.
Contrary to general belief, candidates are not a commodity

  • Our service is to serve both clients and candidates in equal measure.
  • Placing the right person in the right place and at the right time is what defines our service.
  • Therefore we shall never compromise your aspirations for the sake of a fee.
  • No information about you will ever be divulged without your prior consent.
  • We act in a transparent way and will always endeavour to keep you informed of the status of an assignment as quickly as we possibly can.
  • Finally, we will not ask you to engage into a recruitment process unless we are certain that your chances of securing the positions are at least as high as the other candidates submitted.

We cover a variety of disciplines across most sectors of the hospitality and related retail industries.

The sectors we cover include: Hotels / Restaurants / Contract Catering / Bars & Clubs / Luxury Retail / Food Retail / Leisure. Here is a small selection of placements which excludes all confidential and current assignments:

Board & Interim Appointments

Carlson UK
Village East
All Star Lane
Union Market
Hakkasan Limited

Managing Directors

Crown Catering
Kout Gourmet
Paul UK

Operations Directors

Patisserie Valerie Holdings
Zuma / Roka UK &
Middle East