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Sourcing suitable candidates who adapt to the challenges our clients face is our raison d'être

We have refined global executive search processes in order to source talents not readily available on the market. As such we are able to deliver shortlists of candidates with profiles and aspirations in-line with our clients' business needs.

Timing is everything, and sourcing and securing the right talent, at the right place and at the right time requires expertise (take out - fine tuning) and a great deal of passion and focus.

Therefore, in order to be at our best, we must develop partnerships with quality-orientated organisations, which are leaders in their fields, and believe in the development of people and delivering best practice.

As a result, focusing on employers of choice enables us to attract and match the very best candidates to the very best jobs.

Our executive search service is an extension of our client's organisation for the duration of an assignment.

We operate in complete transparency and provide regular reports allowing our clients to maintain control of the process, as and when necessary.

We complete very senior assignments in the strictest of confidence often conducting assignments with candidates under non-disclosure agreements.

Our experience is such that we are at ease when advising on short and long term incentives, perks and benefits, allowing our clients to remain competitive without paying over the market rate.

Whilst most of our executive search assignments have basic salaries ranging between £80,000 and £500,000, we can also provide search services for salaries as low as £60,000 when the same degree of precision, assessment, depth and confidentiality is required.


Investing time to research our client's company in terms of its product, its market, and its long terms plans are paramount to our success. This may include carrying out due diligence of Key management individuals allowing us to understand the context of the recruitment need before taking action.

We formulate a candidate brief which will aim to position an assignment with its key components in the most professional manner, thus maximising the impact required to trigger the interest of potential candidates.

we comprehensively research the market, and compile a detailed list of companies and candidates who will become our primary target for this assignment. Although these exclude existing clients, it rarely restricts our reach.

Detailed reports are provided to the client, providing them with the necessary information and control throughout the recruitment process.

Based on the bespoke competency questionnaire each candidate is objectively qualified in relation to each assignment We monitor the candidate's progress throughout the recruitment process ensuring that the expectations of both parties are met Our ethos is centred on forging long-lasting relationships with our clients and placing the right person in the right place at the right time. However, should a placed candidate not complete one year of employment, we offer the unique feature of replacing that candidate free of charge*

*subject to terms and conditions of business which are included in every proposal.

Examples of Concepts Sourced

Although we are most frequently asked to source professionals under an executive or non-executive contract of employment, from time to time we are asked to source a business or a concept, often fronted by great people and contacts, some of which are existing clients. Here are some examples of such completed deals:

  • Pierre Gagnaire at the Intercontinental Hotel in Dubai
  • Bistrot Bruno Loubet
  • Heinz Beck at the Lanesborough Hotel in London
  • Alan Yau at Turandot in Moscow
  • Vineet Bhatia in Moscow
  • Goodman in London
  • Sake No Hanna