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Our service is adaptable, our terms flexible whilst our principles and ethics are non-negotiable

In order to source candidates with the same care as a retained executive search assignment, we primarily rely on database and advertising management.

We recommend managed advertising campaigns when candidates need to come from varying backgrounds or geographical locations, and the client does not have sufficient support or time to effectively handle the response.

We manage the process through publications (paper and on-line), coordinate responses, handle rejections, presenting candidates through to formal acceptance of offer.

We tend to use our extensive network in order to boost shortlists by generating recommendations from existing contacts. In addition, we can support a selection assignment with executive search processes as part of our new search/selection hybrid.

If our off-the shelf service does not suit a particular recruitment need, we have the expertise and the mindset necessary to design a bespoke package.


The focus of selection recruitment is to ensure that we reach and attract the very best candidates on the market within 10 working days from the date a vacancy is registered!

In order to deliver we:

  • Invest the required time to understand each vacancy registered with Eureka Selection.
  • Devise simple communication tools that will play a key part in attracting the best candidates on the market.
  • Support each assignment by effectively managing a database comprising of carefully selected candidates, currently employed by leading companies from around the world.
  • Circulate the vacancy through our database with two objectives: to reach the people who are on the market and encourage those who are not suitable or available to pass details of the vacancy to relevant friends and colleagues.
  • Automatically advertise under the Eureka banner.
  • Support client branded advertising by designing tailor-made campaigns.
  • Provide summary reports at regular intervals.
  • Adapt our competency-based questionnaires to suit each vacancy.
  • Check references thoroughly and systematically.

Once the candidate is placed, monitor the integration of the candidate during and shortly after their probationary period, thus ensuring both parties expectations are met.

Long-Term Selection Solutions

For large volume or regular requirements, Eureka Selection looks at ways close to outsourcing, thus making the recruitment process more effective and much cheaper for the clients. In this case we continually and consistently source talents through our search and selection teams, with the support of advertising power and our extensive database.